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An Empty Tomb

It is interesting how a hole in a hill could change the course of history. Jesus the son of God was laid in a borrowed tomb, a hole in the side of a hill. Joseph of Arimathea rolled a stone in front of the opening and left. Then the most amazing thing ever took place. The stone was rolled away, and Jesus walked out victorious over death, hell and the grave. The human mind seems to be slow to process all that happens during this time. Mary weeps with deep sorrow. In John 20 she talks with angels and seems unfazed by the encounter. I just can’t move away from the idea that she was in such great pain over the loss of Jesus that she did not recognize the men as angels. Then she encounters Jesus (John 20:14-16) and supposes Him to be the gardener. She begins to ask where they have taken Jesus. Only when Jesus speaks her name, Mary, does she recognize Him. Her agony and sorrow give way to immense joy. I’m sure there was confusion as well, but she did not seem to care because at the moment she was in the presence of Jesus.

I pray that this Easter, pain, sorrow, fear, anxiety will all give way to immense joy in the presence of Jesus. Pause for a moment and realize that Jesus gave up His life so our sins would be forgiven. Then He took back up His life showing His power over death.

This man…..Jesus……is my savior. I hope you know too.

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