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What leads me to Christ

Right and Wrong, the moral standard of our world was given to us by God. Without God there is no reason to be moral. Why did God give a standard that we are incapable of living up to. The Apostle Paul told us in Romans 3:23, “that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Every individual past, present, and future have failed the moral test. Again, why would God give a standard that we cannot live up to. In Galatians 3:24 Paul says, “the laws were our tutor, to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” There is an arrogance within all of us that believes we are good enough, that we are self-sufficient, that we can handle life. Then we bump into the law of God, his moral standard, and we fail time and time again. The Law is our teacher. The Law is not communicating that we are bad people but that we need God. That we cannot live the life God created us to live without a saving relationship with His Son Jesus. The Law marks out the boundary lines of life. The fact that I continually break them demonstrates my need for a savior. The problem is that people get mad at God saying it is unfair. They run from God or they just try harder. Still more pray that God grades on a curve or that ultimately God will let everyone enter into heaven. The Law is our teacher that teaches us of our deficit.

The good news is that God does not leave us in our deficient, our sin, but provides a way to be right. Human nature wants a task to accomplish. The formula that we put forward is if I do more good than bad then I should get into heaven. This idea is lacking because it does not define good or bad and this method is totally devoid of relationship. God is a relational God. The reward is not entry into heaven, the reward is God himself. The law ultimately teaches us of our need for Jesus. Jesus fulfilled the righteous demands of the Law. Jesus was sinless perfection. Then he died on our behalf so that we could be justified by faith. By believing in Jesus as Lord and Savior I am justified. Therefore, there is no more need for a tutor or teacher, the Law. I am free from the Law to live in the spirit to honor God. To walk with him in a deep intimate relationship. The Law leads me to believe in my need for Jesus.


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