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Matthew 25:13 “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.

Most of us practically live with the idea that the sun is always going to rise in the morning. We assume that we will work today, the sun will set, we will sleep tonight, and tomorrow will always come. This is a natural rhythm that we live our lives by. The problem is that this rhythm to life lacks urgency. Matthew 25:13 listed above, teaches us that life in uncertain and that we do not know when Jesus will return or when our time here on earth is done. “Watch therefore”, is emphatic. It is a command that teaches us to be ready and waiting.

Let us consider for a moment the practical outflow of a sense of urgency about our day and our lives. How would life be different if I lived with urgency? Would I consider everyday a gift? Would I view my circumstances differently because I knew they were temporary? Would I love more deeply those God has placed in my life? Would I be more willing to forgive those who hurt me? Would I invest my time, energy, and money differently because I knew tomorrow may never come? Would I strive to know more intellectually and experiential about my Savior because I knew I would soon meet Him? Would I more readily share the love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ with others because I might not have another opportunity? Would I risk more to build God’s kingdom? I think these are but a few questions that we should ponder. So, I ask you today, are you living with urgency? If not, what is stopping you?

Pastor Scott


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