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As We Start a New Church Year

As we start a new church year I want to begin with a question? What will God do with

me this year? How is God going to work on me and through me? What changes will he

bring to my life? How will he challenge me to grow? How will God move me from a

consumer of church things to a follower or a pursuer? One who passionately pursues


Ok, that was more than one question, but you get the idea. Look at the year ahead and

ask yourself where do I see God working in me and just as importantly around me. We

are coming out of a great summer. Where there were many salvations, many moments

for ministry, many opportunities for growth, and many relationships started or built. How

do we continue this as we move back to the flow of the school year? In Luke 10 we are

told to pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth labors. I believe that God

has placed within all of us a need to serve. I am praying you will respond to God’s

sending. By serving we grow in our faith. We meet the needs of others. We are given

opportunities to see God at work in ways that could not happen outside of service. Look

at the success and enthusiasm surrounding Mission Concord. For three days we work

hard all day in the community, we come back to fellowship and eat together. Then we

head into worship. These may be the three most impactful days in our church. Why is

this successful? First, we are focused on others. We see the need and we meet the

need. Second, we are serving together. There are bonds that are developed as we work

alongside others that cannot be developed any other way. Third, everyone is involved,

from young to old. We find strength and encouragement from those around us.

My desire is to carry that same idea forward into our everyday lived experience. That

when I am at work or school, and I see a need I meet it. That we crucify the selfishness

that lies within all of us. Everywhere in life, there is an opportunity to serve others. I pray

that we would think about our teams and pray for them. I pray that Sunday would

become a day of celebration of the prior week’s, God moments. That in Sunday School

we would have testimonies of how God worked in and through our lives that week. So

stop today and evaluate how you are approaching your day. Have you moved back to a

task-oriented way of living? Have you become more focused on yourself and your

family? Or have you taken on the mission mindset of every encounter is a divine

opportunity? Are you actively looking for opportunities to serve? Let me challenge you.

Life is our mission field. Let’s go serve.


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