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The Greatness of God

Often times our human minds fail to comprehend the greatness of God. We fail to see his Holiness. We cannot begin to understand his magnitude. His power is something we cannot comprehend. And yet , he is approachable, tender, and loving. How do these characteristics work together? To my mind, they seem mutually exclusive. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum. In reality what I have described above are different facets of the awesome God we follow.

In the opening pages of Genesis, we learn a lot about who God is. He is eternal. He has always existed, “In the beginning God.” As finite individuals our minds strain to grasp eternity. We learn that God is

creative. Look at the variety found in creation. God is powerful enough to create with the spoken word. God speaks and creation comes to be out of nothing. God loves and is pleased with His creation. At the

conclusion of each day, He says it was good. God is personal and knowable. In the opening scenes of Genesis God is in communication with Adam and Eve. He enjoys their presence. Even after they have sinned his first question is an invitation to confess and repent. Adam and Eve talked to God. God forgives. My depth of need for forgiveness is unbelievable and yet God graciously extends forgiveness time and time again. God is a god who pursues. Even when Adam and Eve are pushed from the garden they are not pushed from God’s presence. He pursues them. He provided covering and a relationship to them. This is a small sample of what scriptures says about the nature of God.

Our understanding of God is woefully inadequate. In the book of Revelation, we see angelic beings around the throne continually praising God, saying “Holy, Holy, Holy.” These beings were full of eyes. They could really see God. They could see His power, His Holiness, and His love. We see God dimly and in part. When you really see God, when you experience his greatness, the only proper response is

worship and obedience.

Pastor Scott


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