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The Excitement in the Church

The book of Acts is the beginning of the church. The excitement of the time drips off the pages as we read about large groups of people coming to believe in Jesus as well as individual stories of those turning to Jesus. We even read of those who almost believe. The church is growing. In the middle of the excitement, persecution starts. Stephen is stoned. Saul receives letters to capture and try those who are found to follow Jesus. In spite of or maybe because of the persecution, the church spreads and grows. Those who follow Jesus are excited to tell others what God has done in their lives. They were this way but because of Jesus, they are now changed. Multiple missionary journeys begin. Churches are established. Deacons are ordained and pastors are put in place. The church is alive sharing the good news of Jesus.

So, what does all this have to do with us? In many ways, this describes Concord’s Summer. Ministry and mission have filled the summer. VBS, Kentucky Mission, Mission Concord, and Church Camp to name a few. There have been countless lives changed because of these events. Many people came to faith in Jesus. Others had their faith restored or revived. Others have a newfound Joy in their faith. Our family is celebrating God’s work, fellowship with the family, and telling anyone who will listen how joyous it is to walk with Jesus.

Keep up the good work. Keep sharing how Jesus changes lives. Keep living in the joy of our salvation. Keep praying. Keep moving forward. Keep inviting. Keep serving. God is at work and it is fun and exciting to be on mission with Him.


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