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The Bible is a story of God’s redemptive love. The early chapters of Genesis set the stage for telling of creation. Specifically telling of the creation of mankind in the image of God. Genesis also tells of sin entering the world and the consequences of sin. The early chapters close with a demonstration of God’s love and grace toward Adam and Eve which included a sacrifice and a covering before they are removed from the Garden. The rest of the scriptures tell how this grand narrative plays out. Grace, mercy, redemption, and consequences are consistent themes in the story. The New Testament demonstrates God’s ultimate plan of salvation found in His Son Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the forgiveness of sins of all that will believe. The ultimate crescendo is found in the closing chapters of the bible when believers go home to be with Jesus. In John 14:2-3 Jesus tells His disciples that He goes to prepare a place and that if He goes that He will return for them, “that where I am you may be also.” The heart of God is for His people to be with Him for all of eternity.

It is important for us to learn to tell the grand narrative of Scripture. We see this done multiple times in scripture. In Acts 7 Stephen tells the story from Abraham to Jesus. There is a saying in our culture that says, “I can’t see the forest for all the trees.” Sometimes we focus so much on the details that we lose sight of the larger story of scripture. I encourage you to back up and see the overarching story of God’s work in history.

Pastor Scott


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