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Summertime at Concord is a time to roll up your sleeves and get involved. During the summer ministry takes on a ‘hands on approach’. VBS will start June 6-10 from 6pm to 9pm. This is a great place to serve our community. This is also a great time to work alongside and get to know the family. The Kentucky Mission trip is June 19-24. We are excited to return to spend time with Grant and Gina Hasty at the Lord’s Cafe and the tiny home community that is a place of new begins. We will take roughly 40 people, young and old, seasoned at missions and first timers. We will work construction, Backyard Bible Clubs at local churches, help with food distribution and serve at the free kitchen called the Lord’s Cafe. I can’t wait for the work, the fellowship, and the worship. In July we have Mission Concord (July 20-23). This is our church doing mission projects in our community. We are planning to do light construction, VBS among other ministries. Each evening the church family is invited to a meal and a time of worship alongside our mission teams and the multitude of support staff that makes this week possible. I hope you will make plans to serve and attend. Finally, we finish summer with Church Camp where we will fellowship and worship. The whole time we are going to tell you about our Jesus, how He has transformed our lives.

Join us for a Summer of service and fellowship. You do not want to miss out. These times of service will help you grow in your faith and grow in your relationship with one another. If you have questions reach out to the church office.


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