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Seeking God’s Wisdom

The world we live in is complicated and confusing primarily because we are living life our way. The problem is that God created the world and the rules by which our world works. Isaiah 55:8-9 teach us that God does and thinks differently than we do. So, when we are trying to live life our way it places us in conflict with the ways of God. The only solution is to seek the wisdom of God. Proverbs 2 gives us instructions on seeking God’s wisdom. This begins with treasuring the commands of God. Do you treasure His commands, or do you follow them out of duty? There is a difference. Verse 2 speaks about our posture toward God’s word. He uses the words, Incline, concentrate or applying your heart toward God’s wisdom. This is the posture of our heart. The belief that God’s commands are best for my life. Verse 3 carries the idea of crying out or calling out to God. This is in opposition to being passive and going with whatever happens. Closely related is verse 4, which points us to looking for and seeking a treasure. This is similar to how God seeks us in Luke 15 as the one lost lamb. There is an intensity to the search. Then verse 5 declares if we do these things we will “understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God”. The point is this, search diligently to know the wisdom of God. It only makes sense that if He is our creator and he set the rules for the world we live in, then we should run to him, and seek intently how to live this life. There are many obstacles to following Jesus today. There is our brokenness as well as the brokenness of others. The only way to navigate this life successfully is through the wisdom of God. Go seek God’s wisdom today.


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