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More Than Us

The story of Scripture details God’s love for us, His supreme creation. Jesus came to earth for us. He lived, taught, and preformed miracles to call us to salvation. It would be easy to read scripture and come away with the idea that the world is about us. Even today, culture teaches us that life is about us. When you hear or experience this idea long enough you begin to believe it. The natural out flow of this idea is that we become a God, determining what is right and wrong. We base it off our logic, our emotions, our lust, or our desire. We become the center of our universe. The problem is that the person next to us believes they are the center of the universe as well. My opinion and their opinion will clash and cause conflict. We see this in the great divide of our culture.

Scripture presents another view. It begins with God. Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God”. Essentially God is the beginning and therefore that makes Him the center. The scriptures are filled with God’s pursuit of mankind. The New Testament demonstrates the length God is willing to go to be in a relationship with us. Our salvation is not the end of this story but rather a beginning. When we are saved, we begin to learn more about God and how to live the life He calls us to. With each new experience we learn more about God, ourselves, and our salvation. Then we come to the idea found in Matthew 5:13-16. In Verse 14 we are said to be the light of the world. When we are saved, we become a demonstration of God’s grace. Our lives become a witness to God’s salvation. Our salvation demonstrates God’s love, His grace, His pursuit of us and His desire for others to know Him. When I am saved my life is no longer my own. This is why Paul says, 20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2:20) The natural question that needs to be asked at this point is, ‘Does my life, my attitude, my actions show others Jesus?’. Am I making Jesus the center of my life and the world I live in? You see, life is about more than us.


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