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Matthew 2

In Matthew 2, we find the story of the Magi. They are foreign dignitaries with political and religious influence in their culture. Often times as we read and tell the story we focus on the gifts that are given gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Here are powerful men of means bowing, honoring, and worshiping a newborn king. This is such a powerful image. Today however, I want to focus on the journey of faith. These foreign dignitaries risk their standing in society to follow a star that appeared in the heavens. This traditionally represented the birth of a king. This outstanding journey of faith took over two years to complete. They would have loaded up their camels with supplies and set out on a journey for Jerusalem. I wonder if there were any late nights of doubt. Did they ever wonder quietly, “What have I gotten myself into?” Or were they so convinced of the birth of a new king that they stoically day after day move forward.? Were they unbelievably discouraged when they got to Jerusalem and King Herod didn’t know where the newborn king was? Was there a moment of panic? These men had stepped out in faith and risk everything, their standing their wealth their names. Finally, there in a little town called Bethlehem in an unassuming house they found a baby, Jesus. It is here that they gave their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It’s heard that God sent them home another way. Their journey of over two years was complete. We live in an instant society. We want to walk with God today and that be enough. We want to follow Him but risk very little. This is not the way of Christ. To follow Him means each and every day we risk it all. Where in your life is God calling you to faithfulness? What will you risk this Christmas season to follow Him?


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