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John 2:1-12 Water to Win

11 This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifest His glory and His disciples believed in Him

What is the point of Jesus miracles?

Often times we think about miracles in terms of what they do for us. We pray for healing of a sick loved one. We pray for God to provide financially. We pray that God intervene in a certain situation. The healing, the money and the intervention is not the end. Said another way, the outcome of a miracle is not the end. If God heals a sick person as we often time see in scripture and today, physical wholeness is not the end result, the revealing of God’s Glory is. Miracles lead to acknowledging who God is or at least they should. God not healing does not point to His lack of care or concern, but points to His sovereignty and ask the question of us, “Do I trust God with outcomes?” Miracles ultimately should cause us to believe. When we see a miracle in someone else’s life do we become jealous and ask why this did not happen in our lives or do we see it as a sign of God’s glory and worship Him because of it. In the Gospel of John, the miracles of Jesus are referred to as signs. They are road markers that point us to the miracle worker Jesus. The ultimate question that comes from this story is, “Do I follow and worship Jesus because of the “stuff” He does for me or because He is a great God that has revealed Himself to me through His miracles and His mercies”?


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