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Habits are small tasks or mindsets that we do regularly. These small changes add up over time. Let me demonstrate. Assume you save $100 every month and you receive 5% interest. In 10 years, you have invested $12000, but with interest, your savings are $15,256. Over 20 years you invested $24,000 but have saved $39,944. Over 30 years you invest $36,000 but with interest, you save $80,158. The principle is that a small investment over a long period brings about a large change. Imagine for a moment that you begin to spend 10 minutes a day being grateful for all that God has done in and through your life, what would the impact be? Would you be happier and more content because you saw the hand of God at work in your life? Science says that gratefulness leads to a happier life. What if you start praying for one person who does not know Jesus each day until they came to faith, how many lives would be changed? What if you started reading a chapter a day in the Bible, what would be the impact? What if you began to serve God every week, what would be the impact on you and on others?

Habits are a tool that we can use to connect with God, they are not an end in themselves. Don’t check the box of I read my Bible today, I prayed today, or I attended church. The Habit puts us in a place to encounter God and grow slowly over time. Often times, we set large and lofty goals of spiritual change in our lives, but we need these small habits to help us reach our goals. As I look back on my life the small habits of prayer, Bible reading, serving, gratitude, and attending church have brought about a tremendous change. What small change do you need to implement today that will pay big dividends in the days ahead?

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