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God's Work Today

Pause for a moment. Be still and know God. Breathe deeply and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit all around. One of the great doctrines is the call omnipresence, which means God is everywhere. He is present with you in this moment. He is present with you in the quiet or in the chaos. He is present in the celebration of His goodness or in the pain of failure. God is always with us.

In the stillness of this moment take inventory of your day. What happened today? More importantly where did you see God work today? Most likely it will not be a major event, but something minor, rather insignificant, but it is important for us to recognize God at work even in the small events of life. When we grow accustomed to seeing God work, even in small ways, we gain a strength and an assurance that in the larger events of life He is there and at work. Life and relationships are no doubt filled with large events, weddings, births, health scares and even death. There is however much more of life that is filled with small moments, a sunset, holding our spouses or our child’s hand, enjoying the sound of music or the smell of fresh cut grass in summer. There are the moments when we sense God’s presence in the mundane activity of dirty dishes or shuttling kids to extracurricular activities. It is important to see God active and working every day. We are sustained by His word. He keeps our heart beating and our lungs breathing, so I have been touched by the Master’s hand today. When we see God at work in small ways our worship will come from a deeper place. Our love for Him will grow. Our trust and faith in Him will develop.

I challenge you right now, pause. Survey your day. Where do you see God’s hands? Can you hear His whisper? Can you see His creativity in the world? Do you see the sun, the moon and the stars all in their place and know that God holds them in His hand? When life is good, God is at work. When life is hard and painful God is still near and at work. In these moments you may need to look a little hard but know that God is there with you. Be still and know God.


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