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Worship, both individual and corporate, is essential to the life of a believer. So why is corporate worship so important? The answer begins with the word sacrifice. In an always-on-the-go culture, setting time aside to gather once a week with other believers to worship is a sacrifice. We communicate to God our love and our need for Him through this sacrifice.

Gathering to worship also helps to give focus and clarity to our lives. The struggles and problems of life can overwhelm us. When we gather together and worship we are reminded that God is greater than our struggle. We are called to look to the rock that is higher than we are (Psalm 61). The music, message, prayers, giving, and fellowship helps us to orient our lives toward God.

Worship is also about fellowship. Seeing others that we are doing life with. Laughing and crying together. Worship brings us together. Our culture and our schedules are dividing us. 'Gather' brings us together. Worship is a breath of fresh air in the weariness of the world.

Worship is a place where we can connect with God and others through prayer. We have times of corporate prayer, but we also have times of individual prayer. As a Church, we strive to gather with others and pray alongside them.

As you can see, corporate worship helps us in a multitude of ways. The greatest of these is that gathering with others, singing, praying, and giving connects us to our Heavenly Father. This is our heart’s desire.

Be intentional about gathering with the family to worship!

1. Sacrifice

2. Focus

3. Accountability

4. Fellowship connect

5. Pray with

6. Visitors

Pastor Scott


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