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Psalm 145

Life seems to be changing at the speed of light right now. Just when I thought I had a sense of where we are and what is going on, life continues to change. My reading this morning comes from Psalm 145. The writer spends time praising God for His greatness, His attributes, His character and how He interacts with us. Take some time this morning to read Psalm 145 and write down what stands out to you. Here is what I noticed.

V3 His Greatness is unsearchable

V5 Meditate on His Greatness

V8 Gracious and full of compassion

V9 Good to All

V9 Tender Mercies

V13 Everlasting Kingdom

V14 Upholds all who fall

V16 Satisfy desire

V17 The Lord is righteous

V18 Lord is near

V19 Hears the cry and saves

This is a great list of qualities and characteristics. I find comfort in the greatness of God. I can easily become overwhelmed by the chaos in our world, but God is greater than our fears and the problems in our world. He will see us through. Notice in the Psalm the praise that the nature of God elicited from the writer. As he ponders God and His goodness, the writer is moved to praise. I hope for a moment this morning you will be moved to praise God for His goodness, for watching over you and listening to you.

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