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Live in the moment of the day

There is much news circulating today and most of it is focused on the Corona Virus. Topics range from numbers infected to the economic impact. None of the topics seem to bring any hope, just more uncertainty and fear. As we start a new day, I want to encourage to pause and focus on Jesus for a moment. Remember His love and care for you. This is true when life is smooth and you feel in control and when life is chaotic and you don’t know what will happen next. God has not changed! In 2 Corinthians 10:5, Paul instructs us to take every thought captive and to make it obedient to Christ. There is a lot of fear inducing headlines and news cast. I would encourage you to take your thoughts captive and to live in the moment of today not in fear of the future. One of the great aspects of being a child of God is that when we are saved His spirit comes into our lives and takes up residence. He literally never leaves us from that moment forward. His love and care for us can never be taken away. I think sometimes we struggle with the idea that God loves us and cares for us, yet I go through hard times. Being loved and cared for by God can coexist with going through hard times. We are not promised to be taken out of hard times, but that God will be with us during the hard times. The promise for today is that in the middle of uncertainty times God is with us.

So let me summarize my thoughts this morning. First, regardless of what happens today we have hope in Jesus Christ. Next, take captive your thoughts today. Don’t allow your mind to grab a headline and create an entire store that may or may not happen around that headline. Also, live in the moment of today not in the fear of the future. Focus on God’s presence in your life today. You will be amazed at when you look for God’s presence how you will see him in the smallest of details in your life. Finally, remember that the times seem uncertain to us, but not to God. He has not been caught off guard. He is not wringing his hands trying to figure out what todo. God is seated on His throne, watching over his creation and his people. He is acting out his tender mercies in all of our lives. Rest in the peace of God today.

God Bless


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