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Be the Church Act 2 Part 2

We are not currently able to do all that the new church did. It would not be wise to "break bread" with one another. I do see an opportunity for something like a soup kitchen in the days ahead though. I have heard of churches doing drive through communion with prepackaged communion cups and bread. This really is not necessary. Communion is symbolic in nature and is designed to call us to remember the work of Jesus. The New Testament does not specify how often this should be done. The new church of Acts 2 was constantly in prayer. They were seeking God’s guidance and protection from day to day. As a result, they were also seeing many wonders or miracles. We too, need to be in constant prayer for our families, our church, our community, doctors, nurses, first responders and all of those in leadership making difficult decisions.

Acts 2:44-45, "Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, 45 and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.”

This is our focus for today. “All who believed were together.” This togetherness is important for the life of the church. How do we accomplish this when we physically cannot be together? Our church along with many others have been creative and finding ways to stay together. Being intentional about reaching out is important. When we are unable to gather, the knowledge that someone is thinking about us and that they take the time to let us know is important and encouraging. Make sure you take time each day to touch base with someone. Video conferencing has been used very successfully by many of our groups. I am amazed at how being able to see someone on video is so encouraging to the soul. I want to encourage you to continue to focus on fellowshipping with the family. Make sure you reach outside of your group as well, so no one is missed.

The fledgling church also meets the needs of their people. They had “all things in common.” During this season, I would ask for you to look around and see the needs. They may be inside of our church family, but they may also be in our community or our neighbor next door. Deacons are checking on our widows and shut-ins. They are also available to pick up supplies for our church family. We now find ourselves in a period of time when community needs will begin to arise. In the days ahead we are going to have opportunities to touch lives. There will be questions of how we do this safely and we will need to work through those issues. There will not be a perfect answer. We are still walking through this situation day by day, trying to see where God is at work and where He is calling us to join Him. Continue to pray as God guides each of us through this time.

Please take care of yourself. Stay healthy and safe. If you need the staff, deacons or leaders in our church, please reach out.

Have a blessed day.


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