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A Life of Faith

A life well lived is a life of faith. Hebrews 11 demonstrates what a life of faith looks like and how ordinary people can live out a life of faith. Chapter 12 transitions and helps us as the reader to get started on this marvelous journey of following God. The journey begins with the recognition that many others have come this way before, "so great a cloud of witnesses.” These other sojourners have successfully lived lives that where pleasing to God. Then we are instructed to lay aside every weight and sin that entangles us. We have to recognize all that causes us to become distracted and develop a singular focus of pleasing God in every facet of life. What in your life, needs to be laid down? We are to “run…the race” that is placed before us. We can easily become stuck looking at other people’s circumstances or talents. If I only had that opportunity or if I only had their ability, then I could serve God. The reality is that when God calls, we are to respond. He wants us to be available to Him. If we are, then we will be pleasing to Him. The race that has been set before us is a long journey, an endurance race. Many people start out well but loose patience and stop before they have reached the finish line. Expectations are not met. Encouragers can be few and far between. Results can be mixed. Again, God calls us to faithfulness. How are you doing in your journey? Are you growing weary? What needs to change for you to continue? We are called to look to Jesus. He is everything, the author and perfector of our faith. Are you singularly focused or are you multitasking? Have you lost focus? What is required for you to find hope again in Jesus? Finally, look at the example that Jesus set for us. He despised the shame of the cross, but because of what it would accomplish He was willing to continue when humanly He did not want to. Part of the example of Jesus is also that there is a better life waiting. This should give us hope. God is calling us to be faithful. Will you surrender to His will for your life today?

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