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The Beginning of a New Life Work

Lottie Moon began her missionary work at the North China Mission Station in Shandong China. Her experience as a teacher gave her an opportunity to begin her work with confidence as well as an opportunity to learn the ways and lifestyle of the Chinese people in her region where she was sent to work. While making visits in distant villages while travelling with missionary wives she found in her heart that her true calling was to evangelism and creating new church communities (church planting). But what she also recognized was that single women missionaries were an oppressed class. She wrote articles on behalf of those women who were in similar situations as she. One very important article she titles "The Woman's Question Again". In it she wrote, "Can we wonder at the moral weariness and disgust, the sense of wasted powers and the conviction that her life is a failure, that comes over a woman when, instead of the ever broadening activities that she had planned, she finds herself tied down to the petty work of teaching a few girls?" Charlotte Diggs Moon waged a relentless campaign to secure women missionaries the freedom to minister and have an equal voice in mission work. At the age forty-five Moon gave up teaching and moved into the interior to evangelize full time. Her work changed the course of mission work in China and ultimately from that time on in the Southern Baptist Mission Board and to world evangelism by the help of financing the work of World Mission through to giving of funds from members of Southern Baptist Churches around the world. "To God be the glory great thing He hath done."

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