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Psalm 1

Since the dawn of creation God has desired to bless mankind. He placed them in a beautiful Garden that provided for all of their needs. It was only after sin, that the world they knew became difficult. Psalm 1 describes how to live a blessed life. This blessed life is a life different than the worlds. In Verse 1 we are told that the blessed man stays away from harmful influences in his life. Notice the progression that takes place. First there is walking, then there is standing and finally there is sitting with ungodly individuals that influences us. Now remember, we are called to love and minister to our world and to share the story of Jesus. This verse is not an admonishment to stay away from people who have sinned but to not be influenced onto a path that leads us toward sin and away from God. This leading away is a slow progression. The little compromises that we make in our life leads us to larger compromises. Little compromises become stepping stones to other compromises. So, the blessed man is to be careful about who has influence in his life.

The blessed life is not only about not doing the wrong thing, but it is also about doing the right things. Verse 2 says that the blessed man “delights in the law of the Lord" and "meditates day and night.” We have to come to an understanding that God’s law is in place not to rob us of our fun or getting our way, but that God has given His law to protect us from certain harm. God loves us and wants the best outcomes for our lives. The blessed man meditates on God’s law continually. God’s law becomes the filter for his life. He makes decisions based off God’s Word. We have to have God’s word in us so that we will not lean to our own understanding. My knowledge is limited. I cannot see beyond today, but I can trust that God’s law will not lead me astray and I can take great delight in God’s care for me.

Living under God’s direction for our life is truly blessed. Here are a couple of thoughts to ponder. What path am I on? Who do I allow to influence me? Do I delight in God’s way or do I fight it every step of the way? Do I spend enough time with God to know His ways and how He speaks to me?

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