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The Holiness of God

The holiness of God is more than a theological concept to be understood, but a life altering concept that drives our love and devotion to our Heavenly Father. God’s holiness makes Him different. In Genesis 1 we learn that God has always existed and John 1:1 reaffirms this idea. Genesis 1 also teaches that God was able to create everything through His spoken word. God throughout history has communicated with His people. He has made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to speak, gave hope to the hopeless, walked on water, fed 5000 and purchased the forgiveness of sins to all those who would believe. This only begins to tell the stories of God’s greatness. God stands in contrast to our limited ability. We control nothing and that frustrates us. Glory carries the idea of weight. The glory of God is a heavy or weighty idea. In Isaiah 6 the glory of God caused Isaiah to confess his sins. Isaiah understood that God is perfect and that he himself was not. Here is where the glory of God becomes practical. God, who is perfect, all knowing, all powerful and savior, wants me and you. This should cause us to be humbled in the presence of God. We should be moved that the God of the universe wants us. He wants to save us from our sins. He wants to love on us. He wants to hear from us and communicate with us. How awesome is that? The glory of God, the weight of the knowledge of who God is, the complete “otherness” of God should cause us to worship Him. We should be moved to love Him and obey His every command. Has your relationship with God become ordinary? Something is wrong. I challenge you to behold the greatness of God. I challenge you to be humbled by how different and magnificent He is. Be moved to worship him.

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