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Change is Difficult

I encourage you today to walk around our church building and look at all the changes that are taking place. Floors are being replaced and walls are being painted. In the past two weeks a lot of work has been done to our facilities. The progress you see is not without difficulty. Our facilities have been a construction zone for two weeks. This has caused headaches and difficulties. All of this is to be expected when change is taking place. There have been times that the facilities have looked worse than when we started, but the finished product will make it all worthwhile.

The same is true in our spiritual lives. When God begins to do construction in our lives or in our church the process is messy and painful, but the outcome is beautiful. In John 15 Jesus speaks of pruning the vine so that it will produce more fruit. Pruning causes a vine to look ugly and sometimes sickly, but the harsh cuts that the gardener makes actually causes growth and fruit. Pruning is a healthy process. When God does construction or prunes in my life, it hurts. Often times, I don’t like the process and ask God why He would do this to me. Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. If today, you find yourself in the midst of construction, surrender yourself fully to the work that God is doing. You will mostly hurt during the process. You will probably wonder if things will ever get better. There will be many questions that you will wrestle with. If, however, you give God full access to your life the result will be amazing. I want to encourage you to trust the loving work of your Heavenly Father. He is producing fruit in your life.

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