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Jesus Don't You Care?

One dark night when a storm was raging, Jesus was in the boat with His disciples. Jesus was asleep and the disciples were fighting for their lives. The storm was so large that the boat was beginning to be filled with water from the waves that had crashed over the sides. Jesus was sound asleep. The disciples woke Him up and accused Him of not caring for them. (Mark 4:35-41)

Why is it when life becomes difficult, we believe that Jesus does not care or that He has forgotten us? When did the idea that being loved by God meant a lack of pain or trial? Throughout the ministry of Jesus He healed people, but He did not heal Everyone when He was on earth. Nor did Jesus prevent the disciples from being persecuted and dying for their faith. God allowed Job to experience immense pain with the loss of his family, finances and friends. In Mark 4, Jesus scolds His disciples for their lack of faith. Do we believe that the God who saved us and paid such a high price would choose to forget us? Do we believe that He is incapable of preventing the pain? The struggle may be that we cannot comprehend that God would give us pain to grow us and by our response gain honor through our faith. The pain is real. No one wants to hurt. We have to trust that God can truly weave all of the experiences of our lives together into a beautiful mosaic of faith. Pain in our life does not mean that God does not love us, it means that we do not have the perspective of God and therefore we struggle to understand.

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