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Heavenly Time

New Orleans Louisiana is found in the central time zone. I fell in love with the central time zone while we lived there. All of the shows or sports we watched came on an hour earlier. It was great, I was able to watch Monday night football without being up until one in the morning. There was however one negative that I always seem to forget about. When you call from New Orleans to Georgia the hour time difference can be big. If you try to call family at 9:30 at night, it was 10:30 where they were. More than once I called someone only to realize when they would say that I woke them up.

God has His own time. In Matthew 5:21-45 there are two stories that are woven together. One of a father who’s child is dying and another of a woman who had a serious medical issue that made her an outcast. On the way to heal the man’s daughter, this woman in need shows up and Jesus stops. The dad had to realize that God does not get in a hurry. The woman who was healed understood that we are never a bother to Jesus and that He always has time for us. Both of them had come to the understanding that God is never to early and he is never running late. He is always right on time.

I know that life often feels urgent and we want God to act now. We can rest in the fact that God knows where we are, what we need and just the right time to act. God has never shown up too late.

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