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Freedom comes with great cost. When we think about the freedom that we enjoy in America we need to realize that there have been men and women who gave great sacrifices to form the country we live in today. For many the sacrifice was life. When we turn and look toward our spiritual life there is great cost associated with our freedom here as well. Romans 5:8 says that, "God has demonstrated his love toward us in that we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Jesus died that we might be free from sin. He died to give us the opportunity to be in a relationship with the Father. He died to give true life. The cost of my freedom was the life of Jesus. God died for me. Thankfully the story does not stop with death but continues on to resurrection.

We also need to stop and realize that the freedom Jesus purchased for me is not to allow me to live any way I choose. If we properly understand what God has done for us, then the only right response is to obediently respond to the Commands of Jesus. We are to Love God with heart, mind, soul and strength. We are to love our neighbor. We are to confess our sins. We are to restore one another with grace and gentleness. We are to give of the abundance that God gives us. We are to go and serve. The freedom purchased for me by the work of Jesus enables me to live in a way that honors Him and not my flesh. So here are a couple of questions to ponder. How has the freedom from sin (my salvation) changed the way I live? Do I lovingly, joyfully live out the commands of God or do I live begrudgingly toward God? Have I stopped to thank God for my freedom in Jesus Christ?

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