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Jesus invested his life in a small group of followers. The journey they took with Jesus was amazing, full of ups and downs. At the close of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) as Jesus ascends back to heaven, He gives His disciples their marching orders until His return. Matthew 28:18-20 is known as the Great Commission. In this passage Jesus commands His followers to reach the world with the life changing news of Jesus and help people develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus. This small group of followers poured their lives into people. This happened to large crowds like the day of Pentecost, to families (Cornelius), to foreigners (Ethiopian eunuch), to Jailers, Jews and Gentiles. This small group of followers changed the world by introducing people to Jesus.

Our volunteers here at Concord do the same. They pour their lives into people young and old. They serve when life is smooth and almost effortless and when they are struggling and have lots of questions. These efforts change lives. They reap an eternal reward. We may not see it immediately and some we will not see at all, but God takes the lesson taught and the life shared to make a deep impression in people’s lives. He also brings the love and devotion of our volunteers to the minds of people, sometimes many years removed. There is great sacrifice in serving God but there is also an eternal harvest and reward.

To all of our volunteers, seen or unseen, THANK YOU! Thank you for your love, your service, your heart, and your sacrifice. You have touched countless lives.

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