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Darkness to Light

The dark terrible hours of fear and anguish of the family and disciples of Jesus who had believed so strongly that He was the Messiah, were now upon them and they were crouched in fear huddled together. Jesus had told them that In His Father's House are many mansions and He was going to prepare a place for them and come and take them there. But now He had died in shame as a common criminal. Their minds must have been saying to them "No Hope, all is lost but sorrow and pain." In conversation someone may have asked "What can we do now?". Life perhaps now seemed meaningless. Two days had passed and now their situation seemed even more grim. Since Jesus was arrested would they also suffer a similar fate? As they slept, perhaps all in one group in a house somewhere, the last night of the week would soon pass, and a new day would come. Very early in the morning Mary Magdalene arose to go to the gravesite where Jesus was laid. As she walked along just before sunlight the cool crisp damp grass must have felt good under her feet. But as she reached the gravesite utter fear struck her again. The stone was rolled away, and the tomb was empty except she saw two angels sitting on the place where Jesus was laid and there were no guards there at this point. Mary did not know what to do. In her teary eyes she heard two angels ask sitting where Jesus was laid. "Woman why are you crying?" and she told them that she was looking for the body of Jesus. As she turned aside, she saw a man standing nearby. Thinking he was the gardener, she asked if he had taken the body away and if so, where had he taken it. Then a voice spoke to her like no other. Jesus said to her "Mary", and then she knew that He was Jesus and cried Teacher. She hugged Him closely, but Jesus told her not to hold Him but to go to the others and tell them that He had risen as He said and that He was ascending to His Father, His God and their God and that He would meet them soon. The Resurrection had happened and yet they really did not fully understand. Then Jesus made it clear to them what the Scriptures had said and opened their eyes of understanding and told them to go tell everyone that He had Risen, and that the Messiah had truly come to them. What joy there must have been in their hearts. It would seem that all things had and would change as His Gospel would be preached until He would come again and receive those who love Him and look for His Soon Return.

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