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" Was This He from whom the Centuries Wared?"

On one particular day of the Jewish calendar it was customary for the Jews, who were under Roman rule at the time, to go up to Jerusalem for the celebration of Passover. Jesus and his disciples were also in the crowd of people who were celebrating the day when God sent a miracle upon the Jews so that they were set from bondage in Egypt. Jesus came into the city riding on a donkey and as He came through the gate the people there cast down their coats to the ground and some threw down palm branches as a sign of praise and thanksgiving as they cried out "Blessed is the Kingdom of our Father David...Hosanna in the highest Heaven". This was done because they believed that the one on the donkey was the Messiah, their deliverer. But it was not many days hence that many of those same Jews found themselves in the city crying out for the crucifixion of the same man who rode in on the donkey. At this point they reviled Him, hating Him and desiring Him to be killed because they had thought He was the one who came in the Name of the Lord, the Messiah, the deliverer of God's people of whom Isaiah had prophesied nearly seven hundred plus years prior. Their evil hearts were blinded and did not believe that "This was He." They called for Him to be crucified with the other criminals who were condemned. This same man, Jesus of Nazareth, born of a virgin, a worker of many miracles in their sight as the prophet said, now became to them no more than a pariah dog of the filthy streets. Thus, He was taken to Calvary with many others and was crucified in such a cruel manner in the sight of His own Creation. He then was laid in a borrowed grave. The disciples had heard Him say, "I will rise again".... but that is for a later story here on these pages.

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