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The Month of Passion

The ancient knowledge of one known to be the ultimate deliverer of Israel was proclaimed clearly by the Prophet Isaiah. Isaiah saw him to be one rejected by others of his own people. Isaiah, the sage and prophet, received the insight of the coming deliverer by God's revelation. He prophetically declared the events which would come to pass leading to the crucifixion of the messiah Jesus Christ. The prophet revealed that this savior of his people would be utterly despised by those he came to save from the wrath of God. Due to the sin of all human beings he would be the offering for the sin of all. "There is none without sin, no not one." The sin of all people would be laid on him.

Blood sacrifice of sheep by the Jews typified the sacrifice of the coming deliverer. Isaiah also said that he would be stricken and smitten of God for OUR sins. "The disciplining which makes us whole will fall on him and by his stripes we are Healed". Seven hundred and fifty years, approximately, before Jesus came to earth the prophet saw through the coming ages of time that the Gift of Salvation would come to all of those who would receive it because of the Love of the Father in Heaven. His blood would be shed to cover the sins of all humankind. "There is no greater love but for one to lay his life down for his friends". He, the Sacrifice for sin, was the Only Begotten Son of the Father in heaven. In this time in which we celebrate the sacrifice for sin we also look forward to the promised Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill the promise of God. Let us, in these weeks to come, reflect often on the love of our Father and the passion of Christ's crucifixion and also consider the pain and agony which He had to bear on Calvary's tree.

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