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I Cant Even Imagine

As humans we have limits. We all live inside of the same 24-hour period. Our physical body requires rest and nourishment. Our mind requires this same rest and nourishment. We live on a planet that is guided by boundaries, laws of physics. Our lives are governed by limits. Knowing and abiding by these limits helps us bring order to our lives. We are so accustomed to limits, that we don’t really think much about them unless we become frustrated because of them. Often times we try to place the same type of boundaries on God’s work. Take for example, the feeding of the five thousand. There were too many people for the meager supplies that they had in Matthew 14. The disciples only had five loaves and two fish. Everyone knows that you cannot feed 5000 people with five loaves of breads and two fish. The disciples knew it. You and I know this as well. Then Jesus did the most remarkable thing. He sat everyone down blessed the food and told the disciples to pass out the meal. They would give it to one group and there would still be food in the basket so they would feed another group. Then they fed another and another. Before their work was done, they fed 5000 people and had leftovers. Our problem is that we can’t even imagine what God can do and wants to do in our lives and through our lives. We place earthly limits on our Heavenly Father. What needs to change in your life? Have you said there is no way that it will change? Are you sure the problem isn’t that you can’t imagine how great God is? Take time to allow God to demonstrate just how good He is. Let God be God without limits.

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