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One on One

Jesus’ life and ministry impacted many people while He was on earth. People loved to hear Him teach because He taught with authority. They brought those who were sick and diseased to find healing from their infirmities. Jesus’ fame caused him to rarely have time to Himself. Even with all of the demands of a growing ministry and influence in the culture, Jesus was intentional about spending time with people one on one. He had a way of making people feel like they were the only one in that moment. Yes, Jesus fed the 5000 (and the 4000). Yes, He taught the sermon on the mount to a larger crowd. Jesus, however, took time for Nicodemus the Pharisee who came to Him by night. He took time for the women at the well in Samaria. This event was astounding to His disciples. When He was at Simon’s house, a Pharisee, Jesus took time to focus on a woman who washed His feet with her tears. She was apparently so moved by the goodness of God that Jesus embodied that she wept over her sins but also out of her joy. Jesus stopped in the middle of the crowd to ask, “Who touched me?”. The disciples almost seem annoyed at the question until a woman with an issue of blood came forward who had been healed. Jesus was never in to big of a hurry to stop and see people. This is true even though Jesus was on His way to Jarius’ house where is daughter was desperately sick. She actually died while Jesus stopped for the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus, as He so often did, took control of the situation and brought Jarius’ daughter back to life. Jesus spent a lot of time one on one with people. The culture we live in has shifted away from the church. This does not mean that we cannot be effective in our efforts to see people come to Christ, but we will have to adjust how we deliver the saving message of Jesus. We must return to sharing Jesus in the context of relationships. Share with friends, coworkers, neighbors, and families on the ball team. Jesus identified our neighbors as those God puts in our paths. Slow down and see all of the people around you. Begin praying for them daily. Then begin to talk about Jesus in context of your relationship with them. This is how the early church did evangelism and we see what kind of success they had. We can as well.

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