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Better Days Ahead

On Sunday I mentioned to the church that I believe there are better days ahead for Concord than the days behind us. Why do I believe this? First, I see fields that are white unto harvest as Jesus said in John 4. I see a world that is in desperate need. Many people are struggling to find peace in their lives. They have tried through all the common means presented to us in our culture like marriage, kids, homes, jobs and hobbies and other things to find peace. None of these are bad and they do bring enjoyment into our lives. These, however, are not substitutes for a relationship with the one who made us. Some lives are falling apart, others are so full of stuff and yet they feel empty. As a follower of Jesus, we know that lasting peace is only found in Him. I also see that we have a message that resonates deep within a person. I do not have all of the answers and Jesus does not remove every bad thing from my life, but He does come into my life and never leave, offering peace in the middle of my struggles and my emptiness. He promises to always be with me. In a world that has tried most everything, the simplicity and power of Jesus Christ is appealing. I see people who have stories to tell. We each have a very unique story of walking with Jesus. There are ups and downs, twist and turns to all of our stories. If we will share people will identify with our journey. Finally, we have a God who desires a relationship with people. God desires to redeem a broken world. He desires clean up our sin and infuse our brokenness with new meaning, like His grace is sufficient for our weakness. Ultimately, the future lies in God’s hands. God desires that all people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I am confident in God’s ability to work in all situations, in all era’s, in all cultures with all people. I am confident that God knows how to convict and deliver people. I am confident that if I will surrender to Him, He will use me, my life, as an instrument in His hand. There will not be any arrant strokes or miss placed piece of the puzzle because the God of heaven is in charge. I see through a glass darkly, but what I do see is God sitting on the throne, God using me and you, the church, to reach another generation. Let us each be encouraged. Let us submit ourselves to His will for our lives and allow Him to be in charge of the results. The sum of our lives is for His honor anyway.

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