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An Ambassador is an official representative of a government, king or nation. They serve as a go-between. They carry information between officials. In 2 Corinthians 5:18 Paul says we are ambassadors for Christ. We are His representatives to the world. This idea carries a weight with it. How am I representing Christ? What an awesome privilege this is. Am I willing to share that I do not have it all figured out? Am I intentional about being used in this role? Paul says that God is pleading through us and imploring people to be reconciled to God through us. God is using us to encourage and almost begging people to make their relationship with God right. We know the transforming power of Jesus in our life, God is asking us to share this with others. Our lives represent the grace of God.

So, who has God placed in your life that you are to be an ambassador to? How do you fulfill this role? First, begin by urgently praying for them. Be the one that carries them before God until they develop that desire for themselves. Pray earnestly for them. Pray that God would use you and others in their life to show them His goodness. Represent God to them. Be loving, truthful, forgiving, full of grace. Did I say be loving? In John 13:35, Jesus tells us that we will be known as His disciples by our love. Practically speaking, it is difficult to be a witness to the lost if we are critical, arrogant, unforgiving, know it all type of people. We have to love them even while they are living in sin. This is what Jesus and others did for us. Be an ambassador everywhere you go.

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