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As a Star in the Night

"As a Star in the Night"

Many years before the greatest event in human history a prophecy was heard throughout the Middle East. That prophecy was that a King would be born in Israel. That King would transform all of human history and experience.

According to Scripture there were three men whom some call kings and others call wise men who searched for that King. Whichever they may have been they traveled through the night following a star which guided them to the location of the birth of that King for which they had long searched. The impact that was made on them had to be beyond their understanding as they looked upon the Face Of God.

What would it have been like to be in their situation? No doubt all believers have asked this question to themselves. Though we can only imagine, it still stirs our hearts as the blessedness of Christmas springs up within our souls "As a Star in the Night".

The impact of that night's event reverberates through centuries of all of humankind and changed the course of human events.

As we light the Advent Candles in our churches each Sunday before Christmas the light of the candles brings memory of the event of "A Star In The Night".

Dr. J.M. Ashburn, Th.D.

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