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Called Together

In Acts 10 God speaks to Cornelius, a centurion, through an angle. He assures him that his prayers have been heard and that he should call for a man named Peter. Cornelius gathers his most trusted servants and sends for Peter. In preparation for Peter’s arrival Cornelius gathers his families and friends (Acts 10:24). Why did Cornelius gather family and friends to listen to Peter? Did he expect that Peter had something life changing to share? Was it his love for them? In our day and time, it is often those closest to us that are most difficult to engage regarding Jesus and eternity. We worry about their response. Will they be offended? Will this disrupt our relationship? What will they think of me? What will they tell others? Cornelius was convinced that he heard from God. He was convinced that whatever Peter would share with them would be life changing. How about us? Are we convinced that we have heard from God that we are to introduce others to Jesus? Are we convinced that their lives will be changed? Are we convinced that lives hang in the balance? Are we convinced that it is our responsibility? Cornelius called together family and close friends to hear the message of Jesus Christ and the trajectory of their lives were changed forever. What would change if we gathered our friends to hear the message of Jesus, to hear our story of how He changed our lives?

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