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Life is Frail

I have been reminded this week that life is short and frail. Most of us live as though there will always be tomorrow. I wonder how our lives and our decisions would change if we lived each day as our last. Would we wake in the morning with more thanks, given that God had given us a new day? Would we pause and enjoy the sunrise for a minute longer? Would we fill our days with to-do’s or relationships? Would we have a love that is deeper and richer? Would we have a concern for others that leads to a boldness to share Jesus with them? Regardless of how long we live there is a desire to have one more day with those we love. This is why it is important to live each day to the fullest. Paul said in Ephesians 5:16 that we are “to walk carefully and to redeem the time”. In short, use the time that God has given to you. Each day is a gift, but once today is gone you cannot go back. Today is not a day to just survive, but a day to enjoy and thrive in. Be sure to tell people that you love them. Share your story of coming to know Jesus as your personal savior and ask to hear theirs. Invest in the lives of others because our lives are frail. Enjoy the divine moments that God gives us. Slow down and linger a little longer in His presence and in the presence of those we love.

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