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I wonder where you are in your journey of faith. Are you growing and discovering the depths of God new each day? Have you seen your brokenness and therefore your need for God in a greater way than ever before? Are you in the desert, wondering, feeling alone? Are you walking but feeling fragile? Are you amazed by God's goodness and want to share Him with all of those around you? Do you find yourself in awe of God? These are all seasons that we go through in our journeys of faith.

Regardless of what season you find yourself in, revival is a time to revive your soul. I pray that you will be revived as you realize there are others where you are, that you are not alone. I pray that God will work in the depths of your heart continuing His good work in you. I pray that He will pull you into a deeper faith relationship. I pray that God will pull you further from your comfort zone, so you can see Him more clearly. I pray that you will turn loose of the hinderances that keep you from fully surrendering your life.

Community Revival

September 16-19 @ 7pm

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