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Jesus Knows My Name

In John 20:11-18 Mary Magdalene had a hard time recognizing Jesus. She was overwhelmed with grief. She was sobbing because not only had Jesus been crucified, now she could not find His body. She encounters this person that she believes to be the gardener. She asks him where they have taken her beloved savior. She is distraught trying to make sense of everything that has happened. This man that transformed her life, the one who had cast out seven demons, the one she believed was the Christ, is now dead. In her last act of love, she goes to care for his body, but she cannot find him. Here is this gardener, surely he will know what has happened. Then the most amazing and joyous event occurs. Jesus speaks the name of Mary. Only after Jesus says ‘Mary’ does she recognize him. Please notice all that Mary went through before Jesus spoke to her. She was weeping, she was confused, she was morning. Jesus only spoke her name when He was ready. When He did, everything changed. Despair changed to hope. Defeat changed to victory. Tears of morning became tears of joy.

Jesus knows your name. He knows your need and He will speak at just the right time. He will speak in a way you will hear. Don’t fear. Don’t give up. Believe in the God who knows your name.

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