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Pray for VBS

This Sunday we are one week away from the beginning of Vacation Bible School. This is one of the largest outreaches we do as a church and it requires a substantial amount of planning, time and volunteers. With this in mind, I want to ask for your prayers. Pray for the leaders of VBS. Pray that God will use them and give them clarity as they make decisions. Pray for the teachers. They will get to know the kids and their families. They will be teaching them about the love of Jesus. They will demonstrate it throughout the week. Pray for focus during the week and endurance to keep up with the boundless energy of the kids. Pray for those who work at different rotations. They will interact with all the kids and many of the families during the week. Pray that God will use them to impact the lives of the families. Pray for the kids and their families. Pray that they feel welcome and at home here at Concord. Pray that they will return. Pray that their hearts will be tender and prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that we will make a lifelong impact in their family. Pray that as a church we will be flexible and respond to the opportunities and challenges that will present themselves during the week. There is a saying that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This saying is often true during big church events. Pray that we will stay focused on why we serve when those events take place. Pray that our hearts would be tender and that our eyes would be open to opportunities to minster to kids and families. Pray that God would use us to reach families.

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