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Number One

I like to watch and quote numbers. I regularly watch how many people we have in worship and in Sunday school. I quote that 70% of our community does not have a church home. Numbers can be helpful to let us know our progress and can demonstrate areas that we need to improve. Let me share with you the most important number. That number is one. You are the important number. First please recognize that Jesus died for you personally. He is your personal savior. You have a one on one relationship with him. This should demonstrate to you how important you are to him. You are also important to the church. When you are not here the church is not the same. Your presence has an impact on our worship and on our visitors. Your voice, your simile, your friendliness all have an impact on everything we do as a church. Another way that you are important is through your spiritual gifts. God has equipped you to serve in the church and in the community. When you use your spiritual gifts, the church can function the way that God intended. When you don’t, the church goes on but with a limp because you are important to the work of the church. I want you to see that you are important to God and that he has placed you in this church for a reason. You’re here to grow spiritually. We grow spiritually through the word and through service. Inviting people, welcoming visitors, giving up your “regular” place to sit, going the extra mile to make visitors feel at home, loving on and praying for or with our church family is all an important role you play here at Concord. Let me be clear you are important. Your attitude and your actions demonstrate who we are at Concord. I just want to say that we love you and are thankful for your service.

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