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The Importance of Sunday School

Sunday school plays a critical role in our spiritual development. The small group environment provides individuals with people who care about them and the ability to wrestle with God’s word. We see this same idea in Acts 2:42. The people studied, fellowshipped, ate and prayed together. This is what Sunday school should be. The people were connected. Being involved in Sunday school connects us to other people and God’s word. We learn to live the Christian life together. We can ask questions. We get to know people. We have people that we pray for and that will pray for us. The class provides a sense of accountability as well.

It is my desire that everyone who attends worship would find their way into a Sunday school. I encourage you to try a few classes and see where you fit. Keep a look out for new classes that will be started. I want to encourage you to honestly pray about Sunday school and then give it a try. Listed below are the current list of classes. If you have questions, please contact the office and we will be glad to help.

Ladies of Faith (Age 60+) Chapel Prayer Room

Adult 2 (Middle/Sr. Adults) Chapel

Jimmy Moore Class (55 & Up Singles/Couples) Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Class (Singles/Couples) Rm. 207

Agape (40-59 Singles/Couples) Rm. 211

In Living Hope (Ladies Sunday School Class) Rm. 210

Class of Joy (Parents of Older Children) Rm. 209

Homebuilders (Parents of Younger Children) Rm. 206

Young Adults (Age 18-25) Rm. 208

Young Couples Rm. 203

High School Students Youth Worship Rm.

Middle School Boys Youth Activity Rm.

Middle School Girls Rm. 201

5th Grade Class (Boys and Girls) 2nd Floor Rm. 202

3th—4th Grade Rm. 204

1st—2rd Grades Rm. 205

Bible & Me for 4 & 5 yr. olds Rm. 105

Bible & Me for 3yr. olds Rm. 103

Nursery Rm. 101

John Walls, Director Curtis Williams, Co-Director

Pastor Scott Gilbert

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