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We have made some changes. Don’t worry I am not asking you to change where you sit this week. I will wait and do that on another day. We have made changes to our website. We think it looks pretty good. This will be an ongoing project. Over time we will be refining the content and constantly updating events. The events on the website are now connect to events on Facebook. This should help us better advertise upcoming events. For all of you on Facebook please help us advertise by sharing events on your page. While we are talking about Facebook, I want to encourage you to Check In when you come to worship. This is another easy way to advertise the church. Another change that we have made is that we have started videoing the sermons and posting them to the website. This can be found under Media along with the Podcast. Already in the short amount of time of videoing sermons we are getting feedback. Homebound members feel more connected to the church. Church members are staying connected when they are out of town and others use it to clarify something in a message. In the coming weeks you will see digital signage around the building. We will use this to advertise upcoming events and display photos of past events. Finally, we are changing our Church Database software. This new software will help us to communicate with the church family and visitors more effectively. Eventually Church Members will have access to the database. This will give you the ability to update your contact info and have access to a church directory. I am so thankful for the technology team that makes all this happen. If you see one of the team members be sure to tell them thank you. I hope you enjoy all of these changes.

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