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Life is Fragile

Psalm 39:4

4 “LORD, make me to know my end,

And what is the measure of my days,

That I may know how frail I am.”

This week a young teenage girl in Dawson County lost her life in a car accident. Then there was a school shooting in Florida. These events and others have driven home the point that our lives are fragile. Most people live as though the end of our life will never come. The reality is that our days are numbered. Knowing that life is fragile and that we will all face death at some point how should we live?

The place to start is to know for certain that we have surrendered our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and asked him to be our savior. We must be saved. We must be forgiven of our sins. The focus from this point should be on how we live our lives. Are we investing our lives in people and events that will have eternal consequences? Our lives, our calendars and our money should reflect what is most important to us. Again, when I think about the events of this week, I am moved with the idea that our time is limited and that we need to be busy making an impact in this world in the name of Jesus. My time grows shorter every day. I am one day closer to being done with my walk here on earth. If God orders my steps, then what does he want me to accomplish? Where have I gotten off his path to follow my own?

I am reminded of last year as I traveled to El Salvador when we were getting off the plane. A mother and toddler walked in front of us. The mom had her son by the arm and she kept pulling him so that he would keep moving and not hold up other people. The little boy was looking all around. He looked out the window at the plane and the people on the ground servicing the plane. In the other direction he looked at all the people standing waiting to board the plane. He looked behind at all the people following him. Never once did I see him look ahead. I often wonder if that is how God see us. Do we become distracted with all of the sights, sounds and opportunities around? Do we ever look forward to where God is leading us? Do we focus on the goal that God has placed before us and pursue it with everything that we are? Are we pursuing God or are we building our own little kingdom? Our lives are fragile. Most of the “things” we become distracted with are temporary. Most “things” we will not even remember in a year from now. So, in light of how fragile your life is, how do you want to invest your life? Who do you want to share Jesus with? Do you want to give of your wealth, your time and your talents to make a difference in eternity? Do you want to make a lasting impact in people’s lives? How will you live and invest? What needs to change in your life?

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