School Year Curriculum:


We use The ABCJLM Curriculum (  The ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based preschool curriculum for ages 1-5, focusing on Bible, academics, and development. Each curriculum contains goals and objectives to gauge the child’s learning and growth.  In addition to the ABCJESUSLOVESME, we also use HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS curriculum in our Pre-K classes.


Simplicity is the key to this Christian, Bible-based preschool curriculum. The curriculum is basic enough for the most energetic child but allows for supplemental material to be added for the child who desires more sit-down activities. The learning is incorporated into the child’s day instead of controlling their day. The key is allowing the preschooler to explore, play, and learn new things through trial and error.


Each curriculum builds upon the other with a foundation of the Bible and preparation for Kindergarten being the goal


We at Concord Baptist Church Weekday Preschool are interested in the “total” child.  It is our intention to present a well-rounded program, which contributes to the physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual child.  It is our desire to help each child discover the wonders of God’s world and come to a greater understanding of God’s love.  We will work toward developing the following:



Curriculum Goals and Objectives:


Toddler Time Mother's Morning Out Class:

Toddler Time is a Mother's Morning Out program; however, it's never too early to begin teaching.  The Basic 1 Year Curriculum includes comprehensive learning for:

    • Academics

    • Bible

    • Development (Fine and Gross Motor)

    • Music

    • Self-care  

In the 1 Year Curriculum the child will... 

• be introduced to several Bible stories, poems, songs, and books
• know his/her first and last name
• be introduced to 28 animals
• be introduced to various colors and shapes
• name and remove various pieces of clothing
• increase in fine and gross motor skills
• name and point to body parts
• learn basic obedience


2 Year Old Classes:


The 2 Year Curriculum focuses on themes with corresponding Bible stories. Bible stories are supported with memory verses, songs, and fingerplays, poems or nursery rhymes. Academically, a 2-year-old is introduced to colors, shapes, counting to 10, and saying letters. The child is also taught self-care and manners along with personal information. A “Book of the Week” introduces the child to some of the best preschool books in print.


In the 2 Year Curriculum, the child will… 


• be introduced to and know several Bible stories, Memory Verses, Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
• taught his/her first, middle, and last name along with his/her dad’s, mom’s, and sibling(s) names
• taught the name of his/her hometown and state
• say each letter of the alphabet in order
• be introduced to pointing and counting numbers 1-10
• be introduced to various colors and shapes
• be introduced to many books
• increase in fine and gross motor skills
• understand basic manners and self-care points


3 Year Old Classes:


The 3 Year Curriculum consists of a chronological study of Bible stories starting in Genesis. Each Bible story is supported by a memory verse, song, and finger play or nursery rhyme. Academically, a 3-year-old learns colors, Letter of the Week consisting of the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and basic math skills including shapes, sorting, spatial concepts, and patterns. Gross and fine motor skill activities are also included in this curriculum. A “Book of the Week” introduces the child to some of the best preschool books in print.


In the 3 Year Curriculum, the child will… 


• taught several Bible stories, Memory Verses, Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
• taught know the names of the majority of the uppercase and lowercase letters
• introduced to the phonetic sound of the letters
• taught to correctly trace all uppercase and lowercase letters
• taught by name and be able to correctly trace the numbers 1-15
• taught to identify various colors and shapes
• taught to demonstrate spatial concepts, sorting, and AB and ABA patterns
• taught to say the letters of their first name as well as write them
• be introduced to many books
• increase in fine and gross motor skills




The Get Set for School® Pre-K curriculum is a proven success in preparing Pre-K students for kindergarten.


Hands-on teaching materials and strategies that make learning fun and easy for Pre-K students. Today, Get Set for School features Readiness & Writing, Language & Literacy, and Numbers & Math programs that incorporate the same special ingredients to foster success:


  • The multisensory approach addresses different learning styles and invites active participation.

  • Developmental progression builds on what children have previously learned.

  • Friendly voice connects with teachers and students.


Get Set for School will bring your Pre-K classroom to life as your children sing, play, color and build their way toward a lifetime of joyful learning.


Philosophy & Principles


The Get Set for School readiness curriculum uses a developmental approach that is based on the most relevant research about how young children learn best:


  • Break difficult concepts into simple tasks

  • Believe that every child can achieve

  • Use really cool materials that make children want to learn


What and How We Teach


Pre-K is a time of rapid growth and development. It’s a year of preparation for kindergarten and for future success in school and in life. To achieve, children need to be imaginative, independent and actively involved in their own learning.




Children learn naturally through everyday experiences with people, places, and things They are born imitators and scientists who thrive on active hands-on interaction with the physical world. They learn through play and through physical and sensory experiences.

We want children to be imaginative explorers, and believe that teachers and parents support curiosity by what they place in a child’s environment. Children play with what’s there. Including fun, engaging materials throughout the learning space affects how children feel, what they do, and how they learn. Get Set for School materials accommodate both teacher-directed and student-initiated playful learning, because we know that sparking the imagination leads to a lifelong love of learning.




We support capable children by how we teach. Much of what Pre-K students learn is incidental—whatever is around them, what they hear and see. We deliberately build familiarity and competency with the music CDs that we play for them, the words that we use, and the way in which we use materials and teach lessons.

We also know that children should learn explicitly. Basic readiness skills should be taught systematically. It’s not up to children to decide how to read, write, and count. We teach them the way we read and write from top to bottom and left to right. We teach them how to hold a crayon and how to write letters. We teach them key skills to advance their competency and success – so they develop the skills to be independent as they enter school.

Teachers need support to foster independence in children. Our materials provide flexibility for the teacher and offer activities in a developmental sequence. Ensuring mastery of one skill before introducing another builds the competence and confidence children need for independent problem-solving.




Pre-K is social and challenging. Four-year-olds are new to being involved with and caring about others, sharing, waiting a turn, and following the teacher. Some children in every group have personal challenges with these skills.

We use music to encourage inclusive participation and development of social skills alongside important physical skills, language, and early readiness skills. We also promote group play and accessibility so that children of different abilities can participate and learn with and from each other. We believe that children who are involved with each other are better able to focus their attention to follow the teacher actively.

Our materials also encourage family involvement to continue learning activities at home. Many activities have take-home components to encourage children to form connections between learning in school and home situations.

4 Year Old Pre-K classes:


The 4 Year Curriculum is geared toward those children who will be entering Kindergarten the following year. It consists of the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits which are supported by Bible characters, memory verses, and songs. Academically, a 4-year-old learns how to write letters, numbers, name, his/her phone number and address as well as learning about the seasons, senses, and tying a shoe to name a few. Also, basic math such as shapes, colors, spatial concepts, sorting, opposites, sequencing, and patterns are learned. Gross and motor skill activities along with visual perception activities are also a part of this curriculum.


In the 4 Year Curriculum, the child will… 


• taught several Bible stories, Memory Verses, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
• taught the name of each letter of the alphabet –  lowercase and uppercase
• taught the phonetic sound of letters
• taught to correctly write the lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet
• taught by name and be able to correctly write the numbers 1-25
• taught to identify various colors and shapes
• taught to demonstrate spatial concepts, sorting, sequencing, and patterns
• taught write both their first and last name using a capital letter for the first letter of their name
• taught to say their full name, address, and phone number
• taught to politely answer the phone and call 911
• be introduced to many books
• increase in fine and gross motor skills along with visual perception skills



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