Reaching youth with the Gospel is key to passing on our faith heritage. Studies show that only 60-75 percent of youth now involved in Church will still be active once they’ve entered college and only one in three adults under 30 have any religious affiliation.



It’s not enough to keep youth busy with sports and activities. We must also equip them for lifelong service. To do this, Concord provides relevant learning and ministry opportunities while honoring the ageless truth of the Gospel.


At Concord, we realize the importance of placing a high priority on our youth, and we strive to prepare our youth to be the next generation of leaders. Youth workers pursue authentic relationships with students and their families with goals of reconciling them with God, connecting them with other Christ followers, helping them grow in their faith, challenging them to discover God’s plan for their lives, and training them to honor God with their service.




Bible Study: 9:45 a.m.


Concord believes that a strong Bible study is the foundation for a life of service, and our goal is to eventually involve in Sunday morning Bible study all youth who participate in other Concord activities. Middle school boys and girls meet separately for Sunday School, and all high school students meet for CONNECT, which brings students together for study, prayer, accountability, sharing, and friendship building.




Family Fellowship Meal: 5:00 p.m.


Youth can enjoy a meal with family or friends before participating in mission action projects. Call the church office to make a reservation.

Concord youth devote Wednesdays to service within the church and community, including participating in the Helping Hands Food Bank, assisting in the kitchen at Concord, and presenting children’s puppet shows.


Annual Events


Youth Sunday


One Sunday each year, Concord focuses on our youth, recognizing and using their leadership skills and reminding the church of this valuable segment of our congregation.




Association, state, and national events complement Concord’s purpose and mission, and leaders often arrange for our youth to participate.