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How to Walk in Uncertain Times

Acts 1-2

The last two years feel like I have been riding a roller coaster in the dark. Life has been flying by with the wind in my face, but there is a problem. The problem is I can’t see the next turn coming. I don’t know if I am headed right or left, down a big drop or setting up to go upside down. In two years, we have been through the uncertainty of a new virus, lockdowns, political and social divide, virtual school and virtual church, the great resignation, a gleamer of hope for the end of the pandemic only to have another variant wreak havoc on our community. In addition to all of this, we have suffered the loss of loved ones and the normal means of grieving and comfort have been changed. I am tired and stressed out just reading the above statements.

So, this begs the question, “How do we move forward?” How do I walk when times are uncertain? Acts chapters 1 and 2 describe a great transition in the work of God. In Chapter 1 Jesus tells the disciples that they are going to be His witness and then He ascends back to the Father. In Chapter 2 the Holy Spirit comes filling the disciples and enabling them to minister to the world. Here are a few keys to this massive upheaval in their lives that helped them transition through a difficult time. They were together and they prayed. Look at Acts 1:13-14, the disciples gathered in the upper room. We see the same togetherness and prayer in Acts 2:42. There is a desire within all of us to run and hide. To do what is best for us. As believers though, we are family. We stay together. We help one another. We will make it through this upheaval in our culture together. Notice also, that they did not talk about how overwhelming the task was or how bad times had gotten, but rather they prayed. They prayed fervently, as if their lives depended on it. The reality is that their lives did depend on it and so do ours. I tend to pray with this sort of fervency when pain is involved or when the circumstances are completely overwhelming or when it involves my kids or my family. As we continue to navigate this ever-changing time. Run toward your church family, even if you can’t physically be together. Be the bandit that drops something off on someone’s porch. Pray with one another over the phone. Send a text, a card or make a phone call. Cry out to our God who is able to see us through and lean on your church family.


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