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Prayer is essential to the work of the church. Prayer ultimately is a conversation with God. In this conversation, we share our unfiltered hearts. We become vulnerable with God. We might say things like, ‘God I don’t understand’ or ‘God I am hurting.’ This is also the place we pray over people and circumstances. We pray for the lost. We pray for the church. We pray for the staff. We pray for the people in our Sunday School Class and those we desire to be there with us. We pray over the things of life.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Prayer is hard work. Sometimes it is scary. It is hard because through prayer our hearts are shaped by God. As we share our thoughts and feelings with God he has a way of bringing to the surface our heart issues that we have tried hard to keep buried and hidden. Praying is scary because God might ask us to change or to serve outside of our comfort zone. It is ultimately scary because we encounter God in all of his glory. Yes, there is a tenderness to God, but there will always be a sense of awe about him, as there should be. God is approachable, but it will always be humbling in his presence.

Part of our spiritual growth will take place one on one with God in prayer. This is the time to wrestle with the issue of life, questions, and desires. I want to encourage you today. Start where you are. Don’t worry about being formal, just talk with God. Start the conversation. Be ready to listen. Look for the relationship more than the results. Again, start talking to him today and allow that time to grow and flourish.

Pastor Scott


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