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Easter Celebration

Easter is the pinnacle of God’s plan until this day. Today we celebrate the victory of the Cross. We celebrate an empty tomb. The resurrection is the most powerful event in history. Many people struggle to believe that this really happened. The Corinthian church apparently struggled with this issue. Some were saying that there was no resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15:12-22 is Paul’s response. His logic is that if there is no resurrection, then Jesus did not rise, that his preaching was empty and that he would then be considered a false teacher. Twice he states the idea that if the dead do not rise then Jesus did not rise. Paul then points how miserable our situation would then be. We would still be lost and accountable for our sins. We would have no hope. Furthermore, those who have already died, would just be dead. The logical end to this idea is that if there is no resurrection then we are miserable because we have no hope. There would be no life after death. This life is all there would be. How depressing.

In verse 20 Paul transitions and states that Jesus has risen from the dead and that He is the first to do so. Through the sin of Adam, death or separation from God entered the world. "In Adam all die” v22. This includes us because we have inherited Adam’s sin nature. I am thankful for what Paul says next, “even so in Christ all shall be made alive.” v22. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are made alive. We are given a new life. This new life provides the peace and guidance of the Holy Spirit now and the promise of a home with Jesus.

Today we celebrate the work of Jesus. Today we celebrate the new life that He has given us. Take time to thank Him for your new life in Him.

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