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Jesus taught us the value of children when He took young children into His arms and told His disciples that anyone who welcomes a child welcomes Him. He showed with His words and actions that children are a valuable part of His Kingdom (Mark 9:35-37).

Concord follows Jesus’s example by making children a priority and providing age-appropriate ways for them to learn, worship, and serve. Children’s workers partner with parents to provide spiritual education for their children. Realizing that a child brings his or her whole self to church—emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual—they strive to minister to the whole child.

Concord provides age-graded Sunday school classes that help children learn Bible stories, memorize Scriptures, and apply Bible truths to their lives. The lessons are tailored to meet the developmental stage of each child.

On Wednesday nights, Faith Friends cranks up at 6:30 pm with music, Bible stories, games, friends, fellowship, prayer time, and a whole lot of fun.

Sunday School and Nursery - 9:45 am Sundays

Faith Friends - 6:30 pm Wednesdays

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